The EXODUS story began with our founder & managing director, Mr Willy Han. He has been an employer of domestic helpers since 1999 and had both good and bad experiences with the 7 domestic helpers that worked for him. He has also encountered irresponsible and unethical maid agencies whose main aim is for profit with little regards for the interest of employers or helpers.

Willy began serving as a volunteer in the Filipino ministry of his church in November 2018. Through his interactions with the foreign domestic workers (FDWs) in the church, he encountered true life testimonies of how these girls struggled to make ends meet for their families back home.  

As he probed further, he realised that the root cause is consistently due to the high amount of loans these FDWs incurred. It is apparently a  ‘market practice’ that agencies (both the local and native countries) charge the FDWs placement fees of 4-6 months.

Saddled with debts from the onset, domestic helpers are tempted to look for alternative sources of income (mostly illegal) to tie them over. Many borrow from moneylenders (legal and illegal) when they meet with emergencies back home. As domestic helpers stay with their employer, their problems inadvertently become their employer’s too.

EXODUS intends to absorb part of the placement fee for domestic helpers (transfer and fresh cases) while charging the employers market rate agency fees. Employers are matched with almost debt-free helpers who are motivated, happy and less likely to borrow from moneylenders.

EXODUS believes that good employers deserve good helpers!

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Vision - To lead the industry in fair practice for all stakeholders. To be a trend setter and a responsible and ethical agency that cares.​

Mission - To provide employers with debt-free, motivated and quality helpers at market rate.


  • Cost Transparency: No hidden cost

  • Trustworthy, ethical, responsible

  • Disciplined, patient, empathetic

  • Protect the interest and welfare of our stakeholders

  • Excellent quality assured

  • Service with a heart

  • Personal service from point to point

  • Promises made    Promises delivered