Discover the EXODUS Employment Story

Our story is one of empowerment, where dreams find their match, and lives are transformed through the bonds we create.

Discover the EXODUS Employment Story

Our story is one of empowerment, where dreams find their match, and lives are transformed through the bonds we create.


Willy began serving as a volunteer in the Filipino ministry of his church in November 2018. Through his interactions with the migrant domestic workers (MDWs) in the church, he heard heartbreaking life stories of how these girls struggled to make ends meet for their families back home. As he probed further, he realized that the root cause is consistently due to the high amount of loans these MDWs incurred.

He has also spoken to employers complaining about agency taking them for granted and are not genuine in taking care of both helpers and employer's welfare.

EXODUS was born

Driven by a passion for fostering meaningful connections between employers and job seekers, Willy envisions a future where every individual finds their perfect professional match.

Operating in a small office at Kaki Bukit.

9 September 2019

Started EXODUS Employment Agency Pte Ltd

Our first deployment in 2019

1 November 2019

Moved to our first office at Telok Kurau

15 January 2020

Incorporation of EXODUS Cleaning Services Pte Ltd

1 July 2021

Moved to Far East Shopping Centre – Our first Orchard branch (FE22)

1 Sep 2021

2nd Orchard branch at Far East Shopping Centre (FE15)

1 November 2021

3rd branch at Bukit Timah Shopping Centre (BT19)

2-6 May 2022

First Company Retreat to Bangkok

1 November 2022

Consolidate our Orchard resources at Orchard Towers – Headquarters

1 December 2022

Operational for EXODUS Manpower Agency Pte Ltd at Far East Shopping Centre (FE15)

15-20 February 2023

Second Company Retreat to Taipei

15 August 2023

EXODUS Manpower relocated to Bukit Timah Shopping Centre (BT19)

As of today, we have

1200+ Placements

72% Retention Rate

2 Local Branches

10+ Team Members

Our team

Meet the passionate individuals behind EXODUS Employment

Willy Han
Managing Director
Celestine Wang
General Manager
Sharmaine Han
Managing Director
Stephanie Felix
Operations Manager
Veron Lee
Branch Manager

Why Choose Us

Discover the EXODUS difference — where trust, ethics, and success converge.

Tailored Matchmaking

Comprehensive Service Offerings

Market-rate agency fees

Performance Check

Verified Profiles

Efficient Application Process

Success Stories and Testimonials

Transparent Communication


Our vision is crystal clear: to lead the industry by exemplifying fair practices that prioritize the well-being and interests of every stakeholder involved.
We aspire to set trends and redefine standards, ensuring a nurturing environment where fairness and ethics reign supreme.


To achieve our vision, our mission is unwavering—to deliver employers motivated and quality helpers at market rates. We stand committed to providing exceptional services that bridge the gap between employers seeking dependable assistance and helpers striving for meaningful employment opportunities.


Mr. Choong

We'd like to show our sincere appreciation to Ms. Celestine for journeying with us.  She was very responsible, explored different channels and eventually succeeded to bring our much needed helper in.

Mr Bay

We’re so happy for you guys - we heard that you guys placed so many wonderful domestic helpers for our friends and many people in our church too!


I'm very happy  that we have a partnership with EXODUS in Myanmar because they help our Burmese helpers find good employers and they also charge low placement fees.

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